ANETO Capital is thrilled about the Hong Kong New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (NCIES), your gateway to have the right to live, study, reside or just operate your business in Hong Kong, an exciting and prosperous city with one of the world's most vibrant dynamics. 

With a minimum capital requirement of 30 million HK$, this program offers exceptional benefits: 

By obtaining the Hong Kong Investment Visa you -and your direct family members -will receive the Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID). This opens up a world of opportunities, including access to world-class education, healthcare, and a high standard of living.

Hong Kong is renowned for its robust financial infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for global investors. The investment requirement may also offer the opportunity to invest 10M HK$ (of the 30M HK$) in commercial/office real estate, giving you several options to balance your portfolio between a safe and growth approach. 

Moreover, Hong Kong is a unique blend of nature and finance, offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle coupled with breathtaking natural landscapes. Explore picturesque hiking trails, enjoy fine dining experiences, and immerse yourself in a city located in all the top charts. Hong Kong's strategic location also provides easy access to other major Asian markets, making it an ideal base for expanding your business endeavors.

ANETO Capital will guide you through the entire application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey towards obtaining your Hong Kong Investment Visa and your and your family’s Hong Kong ID card.